Tunebite Settings and Configurations

Just want to clarify, what are the exact settings we need to set on Tunebite to make it not skip? I know that it does cut off like 1 or 2 seconds from the end of the song.

Here is the problem: When playing the songs you can hear “background” noise and static. THe songs plays okay but you can hear it, especially if you play the songs loud.

Attached are screenshots of my settings, can anyone let me know what I need to change to make it stop having the background and static noises? Thanks!!

Best advice, record at alot lower volume, then use a program to up the DB’s that can do it precisely…

for the volume would somewhere in the middle be good, a little higher than the middle?

what is db? which program can i use to do this? what settings do you recommend?


db is decibals (sp) basically volume…

I just use itunes to up everything before I put it on my iPod… and it saves it with the upped volume…

ok. how do you “up” everything in itunes before it goes on the ipod, make the volume louder in itunes? what settings do i need to change?

Would a “volume normalizer” correct this??

i’m not sure?

oh xfuzion, did i mention that the songs only skip and sound funny when converting them to wav files and then buring them to cd and listening to them on cd? just tried converting the ogg file to mp3, copy it into itunes and put it on my ipod and it sounds good. is there a different method for converting to wav files?