Tunebite, SB Live and audio out

I am having problems getting Tunebite to accept the output from a SB Live 24 bit sound card. Tunebite will give me a test tone with “What you hear” selected as a recording device, but when I try to play a song, it doesn’t recognize. I have tried both the auto mode and the manual mode. In manual mode, it goes until the 15 second mark and gives me an error. Is there a setting or something I am missing? I have seen that you can use “What you hear” as a recording device, but can’t get mine to work??

have you already tried the wave option? I have a sb audigy and that setting works fine. Can’t tell you much more, since this is first day with the audigy card (had a sb 16PCI before, which only had a “stereo mix” option).

I am guessing the wave option is the “What you hear” option. The only other options I have are Microphone, Line-In, S/PDIF-In, and Aux. The only setting that will give a test tone in Tunebite is the “What you hear” option. It will give me a recording level and test tone, but will not record. It is driving me NUTZ!! Thank you for the suggestion tho.

What do you have selected as your input source?

cwbys08, i was thinking about picking up a Sound Blaster Live 24-Bit and have a question for you, does it have a digital INPUT? I know the Audigy series can record in 24-bit/96kHz, but I haven’t seen anything about the cheaper Live 24-bit. Do you know if it has a digital input capable of 24-bit/96kHz?

justcallmebob… I have “What U Hear” in the input selection.

Tried to send pic… but don’t know how yet… damn newbies :confused:

It does have a miniplug digital in (you can use a coax digital connection and use a rca to miniplug cable) … don’t know the specs on kHz. From what the book is telling me, you can get a Digital I/O module from their website that will give you optical digital in.

You aren’t using Windows Media Player version 8 by any chance? I had the same prob with Tunebite giving the 15s error. Upgrading to WMP 10 solved the problem

I am using WMP 10. I was able to record with Tunebite with the sound card built in my MB… I kept getting horrible distortion even at the lowest recording level Tunebite will let you do. I upgraded to the SB 24 to try to help the prob(thought it was because of cheap on board sound) and now I can’t get Tunebite to record. I know it worked before… but can’t figure out why it doesn’t now.

I didn’t realize this was a new sound card with an old install of Tunebite. Try reinstalling Tunebite. I couldn’t get Tunebite to recognize my new Audigy card either at first. I wrote down my serial number, removed Tunebite from my PC, downloaded it again and reinstalled it (whole thing took 5 minutes, tops). Then I got several “input device” selections, including “wave”, which I have used. Tunebite really does not have many settings to speak of, and I couldn’t figure out how to do much with it, which is why I just installed it again so it would hook up with my new sound card. Works great.

Thank you for a step in the right direction… I uninstalled and reinstalled. It told me there was no wave device… which I can’t understand since the BS sound card on my board had it… but I guess I will have to use a loopback cable. I hope it won’t degrade the quality. I still have some time to return the sound card tho… which Audigy card do you have? I might just get that one instead.

Tunebite was upgraded recently . . . how long ago did you purchase it? If you didn’t get the latest upgrade you might try that as well. Your same serial # will work on the upgrade.

I didn’t even think about what version of WMP you might be using, good catch calenture.

Hopefully you’ll get this worked out.

A big thank you to all who have helped. :bow: justcallmebob’s last post got me to upgrade my version of tunebite. It found the new sound card and the wave out. Everything works perfectly. You all have been a great help. Let me know if I can ever answer a question or help out with your problem.