Tunebite recorded mp3s stuttering



When i am trying to record tracks with tunebite to turn them into mp3s, some of the tracks have stuttering issues. Like when I listen to the song, it glitches and stutters a little bit. This seems to happen at random, but is more likely when I have a long long list of things for tunebite to record. Tunebite is set to record using the high-speed digital recording. It sounds almost as if my computer was loading while tuenbite was trying to record, but when i record, i turn as many programs as i can off and let it be over night.

is this a common problem? can someone point me to where i can get an answer? i have tried searching a few different topics such as “tunebite stuttering” and nothing came up. thanks so much!


It’s called Jitter and yes it can be a problem when you try to rip at high speeds.
Lower the speed of the rip, or use Exact Audio Copy as this is a much more popular program.


the tracks i am trying to record from are not from CDs. they are files with DRM encryption. The DRM encoded versions play fine in windows media player, but then their copies have jitter. Does that make a difference?


Okay, looked into the software and it looks pretty cool :slight_smile: never come across this one before.
In advanced options, see if you can change the MP3 encoder or see if there is a jitter corection box you can select.
Also try to record one track at normal speed and see if that fixes the problem.