Tunebite quality problem



I have used fairuse to strip drm from napster tracks for some time but for whatever reason it started coming up with:
β€œC:\Documents and Settings\JORDAN\My Documents\My Music\The View - Claudia.wma requires a different private key.”

So i downloaded tunebite, but every recording i make it sounds like its skipping or something? :confused:


Sounds like a legal issue…


because of the drm?? I’m not really that up on all this??
Is there any other way to do it? I only want to play them on my mp3 player!!! :frowning:


With Tunebite you have no legal issue regarding the DRM.
And regarding your skipping problem, try to reduce the speed at which you are converting the files. You can also check in Options/Finalize that the Normalize option is unchecked. Hope it helps a bit