Tunebite Problem

Im trying to remove the protection from a few songs I have. It records all the way through and it removes the protection perfectly. Just in every song about 30 secs in to the song it will skip. I don’t have any other programs open or I don’t do anything else while its running. Ill have it set at 160kbps, Im not sure if that does anything but thats the setting I have it at, I’ve tryed selecting a few other speeds but it still does the same thing. Your guys help would be much appreciated.


Weclome corruptinflames21,

I moved your thread the Tunebite forum where you’ll get more help with your problem.

Hello corruptinflames21

Please give us some more information in order to solve your problem:
-what configuration(processor, ram, operating system) has the computer on which you are running Tunebite?
-are these 30 seconds missing from every song you converted, and if so, is the gap happening in the same position(beginning, middle, end of the song) ?
-what format are the files you are converting(iTunes, wma, etc)?
-what version of registered Tunebite are you using ?

AMD Athlon 64 3700 2.1ghz
3GB Ram
Windows XP

Theres no gap in the songs there just a couple of skips in every song. Enough to be annoying. Converting WMA files.

Tunebite Version is the one.

Thanks for your help

Please upgrade Tunebite from the version 3.0… to Tunebite 4.0 from our website and there shouldn’t be any problems anymore with the skips in the song.
If there are any other problems, please don’t hesitate to come to our forum and we will gladly help you.