Tunebite platinum



hi all,

im trying to make a copy of a film i have bought which is drm protected. i am using tunebite platinum. it copies fine but i get a delay in sound, ie lip sync is off. i have already ticked the box “halve video resolution to improve performance for videos larger than: 320x 240”

this has made the video smaller but still has the lip sync problem. i have nothing running in my system tray and i leave the PC to render.

what am i doing wrong?




Could you give me some details regarding your operating system, the Tunebite version you have, CPU real frequency and the extension of the files you were trying to convert?



hi thanks for your reply

system details:

tunebite 5.0.355.30

not sure how you determine cpu real frequency.

the cpu is intel core 2 6300@ 1.86ghz

file im tryin to convert is a windows media/audio file





Thefinest, could you send us the logs Tunebite creates to our support email address so that we can determine what exactly the problem seems to be?
Just send the created logs to support@tunebite.com and we will respond shortly.

Just be sure that in the Tunebite Options->General tab you have checked “write support information to log files”