Tunebite now supports removal of DRM in video files



I just posted the article Tunebite now supports removal of DRM in video files.

RapidSolution Software today announced the release of Version 3 of its
popular Windows software Tunebite. The product, which protects consumers from the
frustrations of copy-protection formats,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11777-Tunebite-now-supports-removal-of-DRM-in-video-files.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11777-Tunebite-now-supports-removal-of-DRM-in-video-files.html)

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does this mean i can finally watch HD-WMV version of Terminator 2? i haven’t been able to play that !@#$ing thing & i could not get the refund either.


lol plenty of people got that HD-WMV version un-DRM’d using drmdbg. Search on google, theres loads of posts about it. Fantastic news I say. I wonder how much the quality deteriorates though.


Just purchased it and it works very nice, although kinda slowing my computer, but great news indeed. I:X


Well, if u can’t play a file now, u won’t be able to play if u use the new Tunebite. I already tried, but it is good such a tool appeared, cause with playable protected files, everything went smooth, and with no quality loss, or at least a small one that i didn’t notice. Good going Tunebite team !
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