Tunebite - no high speed dubbing in Win XP AMD64 :(

I have tunebite installed in a dual boot system (emachines M6805, mobile Athlon 64 3000+, win2K SP4 y windows XP AMD64)

I noticed that in the XP AMD64 it cannot install the high speed dubbing driver. It detects the high speed dubbing driver fine in win2K. The problem I have is that my yahoo suscription just expired, and win2K doesn’t have the yahoo engine registered, so it cannot play back the files. I have several albums that need to be converted. The licence (seen in WMP 10 in Win XP AMD64 says playback of the files allowed until Dec 20, 2005, so they still play in Win XP AMD64)

So, as you can see I have to use WinXP AMD64, but without the high speed dubbing driver it records analog… :frowning:

The soundcard in both OS is different. For Win2K I installed the realtek AC650 physical layer drivers (AC97) while for win XP AMD64 the OS detected VIA AC97. I will try to install also the realtek drivers for Win XP AMD64.

Any other suggestion?



Well, the installation of the realtek drivers for AC97 was of no help :frowning:
Still no digital dubbing :frowning: