Tunebite mp3's to iTunes

I’ve been putting the mp3’s that Tunebite makes onto my ipod, however I’ve noticed that they are screwed up when converted in iTunes. The song lengths are all messed up. Some are listed at 20+ minutes. Those play fine, it just ends early when the song is done. However, some have a length of like 1:00 and much of the song gets cut off.

The mp3’s are fine. If I play them in wmp the lengths are correct and they play just fine. Anyone know of how I can fix this, or if there is a program that I can run them through to correct this problem?

I’m having the same problem. Not quite sure what is going but I’m looking into it.

Solution: Don’t use I-Tunes.

If a player can’t properly read standard MP3 files, then it isn’t worth keeping.

It’s not just itunes. tunebite isn’t working right for napster wma files in wmp10. It cuts off about 15sec or so from every file.

Actually I dont even use tunebite with itunes since it’s pretty easy to rip the copy protection off the files with jhymn.

Itunes has NO problem reading mp3 files. It’ll play any and every mp3 you can throw at it just the same any other play along with many others. I use it because I have an ipod.

Exactly. The only problems I’ve ever had with Tunebite was when I used iTunes to burn the disc.

What a crappy disc it turned out to be. :frowning:


#1) Output to .ogg from tunebite
#2) convert to .mp3 with advanced mp3 converter or similar program ( I use this one and it retains ID3v2 tags
#3) import to itunes
#4) enjoy on your ipod

I have an ipod and this works!

yes agree with xfuzion. follow the steps and it works great.