Tunebite - Licence Key

Deos anyone have the licence key for tunebite?

They have some over here.

You all owe me 4 this. Heres the lisence key 4 tunebite 7.

I am looking for a FREEWARE (FREE ) key generator for Tunebite 7.2.12400.0

You cannot ask for keys, key gens, or serials on this forum. We do not allow this type of discussion.
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Ahem, I for one wouldn’t be caught dead even asking for something like this, just don’t wanna screw up my pc with all sorts of viruses I might get trying to use such a thing.

I mean, I’m a cheapskate but even I find it necessary to spend some money on apps I really need and find useful almost all the time .

So thumbs up for me cause I bought Tunebite legally.