Tunebite error!

I can’t get my tunebite to start. When I start, I get this message:

The TUNEBITE.EXE file is
linked to missing export WMVCORE.DLL:WMCreateWriter


C:\My Documents\sean unebite unebite.exe

A device attached to the system is not functioning

What can I do? I’ve got WMP7, Windows ME, (or 98, two computers) 128 MB RAM, Pentium 3, with DBPoweramp, and after I checked, I have the file that the error notice speaks of.

Hey and Welcome to CDFs!

Try upgrading to Windows Media Player 8.
Good luck!


Had a look @ the tunebite site, and it looks like it only works on XP. But then again still try the upgrade to WMP8.



Yes, the tunebite site says it requires xp or 2000, and windows media 9.

dang it. i bought the software and everything. i wonder if there is an alternative…
thanks guys

WMP 9 is free so this shouldn’t be a problem . . . but if you want an alternative try MuvAudio.