Tunebite Conversion Error - Correct Settings

I’m hoping that someone can assist me with a continuing message of “conversion error”. This happens every time I try to convert a video file. (I have an old DVD that I want to duplicate and replace.)

When I saw that Tunebite does not support a .vob file, I used Xilisoft DVD ripper to convert it to a .wmv file. I then tried to use Tunebite to convert the converted wmv to a format for my DVD player. Tunebite converted the file until the last few seconds…it then says, “conversion error”. This happened at least five times. (I kept hoping it would work.) I then tried to convert it using Tunebite to mpeh4…and ran into the same problem. I then tried to convert it into any format and I’m still running into the same problem; conversion error.

I then used Xilisoft again, removing the earlier Xilisoft converted file and then converting a new one. Again, the conversion errors on Tunebite.

I went into options per an earlier post, checked for recording slots and learned that there are 18 on my PC. I then ran the conversion again. Same problem.

I just don’t know what else to do. Any suggestions?

(I have an old DVD that I want to duplicate and replace.)

Then why not just rip it with one of the free rippers like DVD Fab or DVD Decrypter?


Please try to convert your DVD’s VOB files in to other format then WMV with Xilisoft… then retry … it’s possible that Xilisoft encoding process is causing problems since original DVD also contain menu’s and other extras which Xilisoft might capture in to its exported WMV … yet we’r not sure about this , but if you would have the options to convert in to e.g. AVI or MP4 or DV or Dvix which encoding usually can handle such encoding type you might just be able to re-convert it with Tunebite … Yet if your case is that you only have the option to capture the DVD in to wmv format (which in a way woudl make sence to the idea why you are trying also to use Tunebite) then we would like to have a sample of your file and your generated log files (see point#21 on Tunebites FAQ web-page) which you can send to our support by using free online upload services as for example : www.yousendit.com