Tunebit and winamp qeustions

first off, how does tunebit work exactly?

i know it runs in the background and makes a copy, and does not mess with the drm, but how does itrun in the background?

for instance, does it record directly to yourhard drive without the need for a microphone jack plugin?

does it record each song into one large file, or individual files?

(i. e. if i leave the play button on over night will it record a entire cd into 18 tracks, or one track?)

reason being when i burn it to a cd, id like to have 18 tracks,not one.

does it keep the song title and band name for the file?

[i.e. music.wma becomes music.mp3, my car radio plays wma and mp3 files, but its to complicated to hook up ipod like device from napster to go]

does winamp work with those same qeustions, individual files, keep names, no microphone jack hook up needed.


tunebite records the songs as individual files to the directory you choose.

[i]Forgive me for being week here but do you mean for recording winamp streaming media?

I do a fair share of winamp “downloading” because i love the trance /dance stuff they
play alot of and the answer to your question would be yes! most programs used for
gathering streaming media record directly to the hard drive and “index” each song
one at a time and also keep info of the artist, title, bitrate etc.

If im off topic just slap me and i’ll go away, :wink: [/i]