Tunbite install prob

hi,just downloaded tunebite v2.1.1.3 (latest) to try and remove the drm from my napster files,but on installing i get the error message below…



C:\Program Files unebite\WMP9tunebitePlugin.dll

Unable to register the DLL/OCX: DllRegisterServer failed; code 0x8007007E.

Click Retry to try again, Ignore to proceed anyway (not recommended), or Abort to cancel installation.

Abort Retry Ignore

?? ive tried ignoring it and it seems to install ok but get another error message when trying to remove the drm about 25secs into it (as posted previosly…make sure you are authorized etc)…dont know if this is because of install prob…or do i need wmp9…ive checked in wmp10 after ignoring the error and wmp10 says there is no tunebite plugin (think there should be one according to the tunebite website)

winxp (sp2) wmp 10 (both fully updated)…the files play ok with wmp10

ive mailed tunebite but with no help so far