Tuition in the Oxford area?

I note in the web page description the word “OXFORDSHIRE” and wonder if this means that the forum base is there. I ask the question for one reason.

I am married, 70 years of age and a grandfather five times over who wants to learn to move film from VHS tapes to DVDs to a PC just to edit the rubbish out of them and maybe put chapter titles in and dub a voice over. I am going round in circles at the moment looking at all the advice I am receiving as to waht kit and software to use so I wonder if anyone knows of anyone in the Abingdon Oxford area willing to give some home tuition on this subject for which I am happy to pay.

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The forum is in the Netherlands, unfortunately. :wink:

I’m sorry you are having so much difficulty though. I guess all the advice we gave in the other two threads was a bit too crowded and thus not much help, even though we were trying to solve the problem :o. However there shouldn’t be any need to pay and get this sort of advice, because it sounds fairly simple and could be sorted out with plenty of feedback from yourself :flower:

As I recall, unfortunately things didn’t seem to move much further because you couldn’t get your disc (recorded in the Cambridge Audio DVD Video recorder) to read in the PC? Is that a fair assessment…?

If so, one of the first things to do is check that the DVD disc was finalised in the Cambridge Audio device, before taking it to the PC. We can start here if you like, and please say whether you know what’s meant by finalising a disc…?


Forums are located in Holland. Members are located everywhere.

Who knows why it came up but help you we might be able to do.

Basic stuff though you are going to need a Video Capture card to get from yuor VHS to your PC. There will be software with that. After that there are any number of porgrams to edit, compress, voice over etc.

We have a Video Edit Software forum which is probably the best place to start. It has a few gudies in there.