Tugzip trauma



Hello all. I need some help with ‘Tugzip’ if anyone’s familiar. I’ve got some files with the extension xvid.r01,r02,r03 etc and also one xvid.rar which is a rar archive. Now to be honest I’ve been messing around with this for some time and I may have created the archive myself but I’m not sure. I can extract from the xvid.rar but none of the others. I thought I’d sussed it the other day because I did manage to extract one but now I’m back to square 1. I’ve thought about changing the extensions to .rar but thought I’d ask for some advice first thanks.


Sounds like a multipart… accessing the first part (the rar) also reads the others when it needs to - they are continuations.

Multipart is used for spreading a longer file into limited size chunks - the limit used to be floppy-sized, now it tends to be attachment size limits.


hmm it seems that you downloaded somewhere a multivolume rar archive (i.e. a rar archive splitted in segments) and that a segment is corrupt. For what I know there is no way to repair a damaged segment.