"Tuffdisk" dvd disks

anyone familiar with the brand , i have brought some and so far they seem ok,they are quite cheap though ( i paid £16 for a hundred) any one used them and what are your thoughts?

There’s a therad on them if you care to use the search engine, the consensus of which was “don’t know”. A few have used them and they seem to be acceptable cheap end disks.

get the tdk tough surface ones if u want scratch reliability

This was recently reviewed by Flash at his website (www.dvd-recordable.org). Check out the link. :wink:

This is what i posted in another thread:

I bought a 100 spindle of those discs from a computer fair for £15 and they are -R and +R mixed (MCC 02RG20 and MCC 003), the ones i have burned turned out ok but will not buy anymore.

Thanks as far as i can tell according to that review " in reflection of price against performance i must say it represents good value for money and i see no reason for the burnt disks not to retain the data burnt as well as any other brands" i guess from that they seem bargains for the price then as long as u don’t expect miracles from these disks they seem like they should be fine

Do a test of a disk now, burn it with Nero CD speed and then do a disk quality test on it, then repeat the test a month later on. The problem i’ve had with cheap disks is that they are useless a year on, and i’ve lost a lot of stuff due to that failure…

I’ll never buy bulkpaq again.

As done before I would like to point out that DVD-recordable has a strong affiliation with the distributor of the Tuffdisc brand. This does not directly implies that the reviews on that site can’t be trusted but the reviews do not come from an independent source. Just to make this clear.