Tuffdisc and SH-W162C DVD burner

I’m new here. After much head scratching I couldn’t afford to lose anymore hair so thought I give you a try to solve my problem. After a lot of wasted money spent on budget DVD-R’s I hit upon Tuffdisc 8x and went through a whole stack without any coasters. A 100% success rate after my previous adventures I decided on sticking with what worked.
Unfortunately the new batch I’d bought were identical to the previous but for some reason my burning software Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 only recognises as being 4x, they still burn perfectly but obviously oh so slowly.
Any ideas :confused: ? My burner is a TSST corp SH-W162C.
And yes, I know I should be buying better quality discs but money’s a bit tight at the moment.

Most batches of many brands of dvd’s vary from batch to batch concerning quality. That is why many of us here use only Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, and maybe Fujifilm MIJ and Plextor. There are some burners out there that love Memorex and some that hate them. Either scour the forums and find out what others are having good success with (on your particular burner), or stick to the good stuff.

Thanks for the reply - I had a feeling that was going to be the answer. I’m still intrigued as to how the copying software works out the optimum speed to use. I’d surmised that
that the disc had some data on it to tell the software what the speed was to be. Thanks once again for your prompt reply.

Even buying the Tuffdisc again, you probably ended with a different mediacode.

Use DVDIdentifier or Nero CD/DVD Speed and retrieve mediacode from the old and new disc and post result.

What firmware do you use. TS11 is newest.