TTR Technologies (SafeAudio) reports first-quarter loss

I just posted the article TTR Technologies (SafeAudio) reports first-quarter loss.

TTR technologies, the company behind the audio copy protection SafeAudio is reporting a first quarter 2002 loss. Also in the fourth quarter of 2001 they reported a loss:

For the three months…

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aaaah how sad :4

“…If the company is able to survive is very questionable…” Nice … the less companies like that exist the better for us consumers… :4

Normally I don’t wish ill on anyone, but since these types of companies obviously don’t think the same of me… Here’s hoping for another quarter in the red! :slight_smile:

Hemispasm: Actually, the more the better. Wouldn’t you prefer twenty different shitty protections over one good one? :slight_smile: Besides, servers any investors right for investing in such a crap company. :slight_smile: Look on the bright side, a company in the hole does not have enough money to create THAT good of a protection, which is good :slight_smile:

Every time you buy an RIAA produced CD, you are just forking over your money to this company.

hmm…so sad, this comp. might close? LoL, den_8_5 is right, why not only one protection? It will give to crackerz less work to do :d :8