TTR brings SafeAudio version 3.0

I just posted the article TTR brings SafeAudio version 3.0.

TTR, the company that designs anti-piracy products, has finished it’s third release of SafeAudio. TTR has a joint development with Macrovision for audio CD protections. With this news they also…

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I’m wondering the same things… I’m also wondering when (and if) SD3 arrives how long it takes before it’s cracked… :d

I give it 10 minutes: * 1-2 minutes to boot your computer * 1 minute to fire up CloneCD or any other good “copy protection” copier * 6-7 minutes to rip the CD to the hard drive

This was such a nice article. It’s always nice seeing ass hole companies like this making a BIG loss :slight_smile: Hmm, anyone else wanna join me at their bankruptcy party? :slight_smile: