TTH01 Made in Luxembourg or Sony MIL media?

I just went to the local Karstadt and saw that they were carrying all kinds of old and interesting stuff.
The first thing they carried was TDK 8x DVD-R which came in a 25 pcs Luxembourg-style cakebox. Apparently those are TTH01.
They were also offering Sony 16x both DVD+R and DVD-R made in Luxembourg in 25 pcs cakeboxes, I don’t know their media codes though.
Any of those cakeboxes is € 14.99.
I know that this media is terribly overpriced but should I go for the TTH01s or should I feel lucky and buy Sony 16x MIL just for fun? What do the MIL TTH01s scan like? :confused:
Thanks in advance!

Sony’s for fun :bigsmile:. Seriously, I’d really like to see what the MID is on them :iagree:

Actually I think those can’t be bad, they must come with either TDK or Sony media code. If they are SONY D21 even better.

I nearly said that (or, “buy one of each”) :bigsmile:

Go for the Sony DVDs for sure!! :bigsmile:

Hehehe, looks like we want you to buy the Sony discs then, kg_evilboy :bigsmile:

They are most likely made at the same plant.
Both should have excellent compatibility. :slight_smile:
I would go for the SONY’s personally.

First time I have heard of MIL media. Very exotic. (To me at least, too used to Made in Taiwans :D)

That’s actually very limited to Europe, so no surprise.

Although we got a fair chunk of it in both Canada and the USA…

Like the stock sold at Costco for ~$0.25 a disc. :cool:

I guess it’s time to buy some MIL discs then, because production of those is going to cease in a few months, as I heard…
And those are easier to get than TYs here, and using Verbs only is a little bit boring. :iagree:

So, since you’re buying, which ones are you gonna go for?


The Sony discs if they are still € 14.99, prices fluctuating a lot in this area at the moment…

Well, whatever you go for, remember scans will be most welcome :wink:

Yes, scans are a must :slight_smile: MIL Sony or TDK are supposed do be better than their MIT correspondents, right ?