TTGO2 (RiDisc blue 8x)



I just used DVD identifier to check on some RiDisc 8x a friend bought and came up with the TTGO2 code which indiates TDK. Is this a good thing? I then checked all the discs and they are all showing the same code.

I know what some of you think about RiDisc but I have never had a problem with the ones I have used and RiData is only just come into the shops I go to.


then one day theyll bite you and youll never use them again :slight_smile:

i`ve given tryin to trust cheap media, use quality and your burns will live longer.


Well a Ridisc that fell behind a radiator is still readable and a verbatim that was with it is not.

My question though was is this TTGO2 any good as it is TDK?


dont know never used them and never will, but if there anything like the datawrite TTG02s, i brought a tub to test them and woun`t bother again.


Which means nothing. I for one do not measure the quality of a disc by dropping them behind radiators. :wink: The fact of the matter is that the E-net discs (Ridisc is one of it’s many brands) fluctuate so wildly with their quality and are constantly changing out manufacturers. Even some of the folks on the disqworld forums are owning up to that. Disqworld recieves virtually all of it’s funding from E-net for advertising it’s products.


Jesterrace, i asked you this question on another thread have you actaully tried any e-net products. Are you giving advise based on experiance or on hearsay??

As far as i know Ridisc have only ever been manufactured by cmc and Ritek.

the Blue ones are cmc and the red ones are Ritek.

the reason behind the change from ritek to cmc and back to Ritek for the extreme was documented here.

Bases on my expreiance in the media industry I am inclined to believe that a huge part of the interview is fact.

Oh and one final thing i do rate ttg code / mcc code discs higher then ritek and CMC code at least on par with ritek


“Never used them and never will”
So how come you’re dishing out advice on something you know nothing about ? Your fellow abuse flinger is also talking similar - “I know nothing about the goods and bads about the discs concerned - but you should listen to me”

Yeah sure…snore… :rolleyes:


If they are premium grade TTG02 - they should be pretty good. TTG02 is made by CMC Magnetics.

But unfortunately I’ve found many e-net brands to be mixed quality.

But having that said - my e-net (Datwrite) TTG02 have all been fine so far.


E-net and premium grade. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
nice joke OCFREAK.


Two weeks ago I baught a spindle of those Ridisc TTG02. They are very good. I don’t know about the CMC and will probably never know cause I don’t like them, so I cant’ argue the fact that ridisc is a good or a poor brand… but those ridisc TTG02 are very good!!


O.K., just checkin in. I just identified my new DVD-R discs that were in a TDK spindle and they came up [TDK Corp.] [TTG02]. Now TDK is noted in:
Branding Guide

They list TDK: “1st Class Media - TDKG02, TTG01 = TDK Corp = (-R)(-RW) … be aware of fakes”

Anyway it appears that this might be a later TTG01 or maybe a fake. It was cheap, however the Identifier does indentify this as “TDK Corp.” I will let you guys know how it turns out. I am most satisfied so far with SONY, and I’ve tried Phillips, Memorex, and FUJI. Anyone run into this TTG02 from TDK? What’s been your experience?

redraddar :eek:


DVD identifier and all tools identify on the hand of the ADIP code on the disc.
In other words if infosmart produces disc with a fake taiyo yuden code then DVD-identifier and the other programs like NERO CD SPEED, DVD info pro will identify it as
taiyo yuden.
I know this sucks but there is no real sollution for this.


If it’s TDK packaging, and you bought it from a retail chain here in the US, it’s highly unlikely to be fake.

TDKs can be found pretty cheaply (by retail standards); my local Target has their 8X TDKs on clearance.

Also, 8X TDK DVD-Rs commonly have the TTG02 code.


Very good experience here :iagree:, with TDK-branded ones. Good (but not great) results in Nec 3540A, excellent results in Pioneer 109. About as good, in terms of error levels, as Verbatim MCC 02RG20 (made in Taiwan ones). I can recommend these TTG02 under the TDK brand, can’t tell about other brands offering them, though, never tried any.

Considering my previous experiences with Ridisc, I’d say you can never know what quality you’ll get from one batch to another. Can be outstanding, then all of a sudden utter crap… :rolleyes: