TTG02 or G05



I have just recieved Ridisc DVD-R 8x and they stated they were G05, but dvd info pro say’s they are TTG02.

Which is better ?





so i’ve got a better deal then ?


you been sent Ridisc TTGO2 stock, been around a while, tubs of 25

NEW Ridisc Extreme Red released this week, tubs of 50

When you buy a disk make sure the BRAND and the MEDIA ID are listed. If the shop don’t specify the media ID, or gives various IDs, then buy elsewhere. Name and shame the shop you purchased from, we would all like to see if you mis-read the advert, or they sent the wrong stuff.


Probably will buy else where, lost email info but have asked to resend it to give me the correct dvd-r’s.

Edit, Sorry my fuck up !, i was meant to pick G05’s but i went back in to the site and picked the TTG02’s instead :o :o :o Slight different colour.

Are TTG02 any good ?