TTG02 - Any good?

I’ve just bought two 25 cake tubs of Bulkpaq as they were advertised as using the MCC dye. I have received them but they are recognised in my system as TTG02. Are these TDK and if so, despite being Bulkpaq brand, will these DVD-R (X8) be any good?

Is Bulkpaq media any good ?

I guess yours are the same sorta discs as Bulkpaq’s TYG02 > Mirror Platinum (Yuden T02)

It’s supposed to be CMC not MCC for TT02, which is tdk. Havn’t used those myself, but have heard others saying they are very decent quality (unless u burn them @ 16x :P)

I’m trying to understand what is good quality or not from the Nero CD-DVD Speed tool. Is this any good? Thanks for your responses.

That is really bad

Could you explain why? I’m new to this and I’m not sure what I should be looking at.

CDSpeed v3 Disc Quality Test

you need to set your read speed to 4x :wink: if u already are , then thats terrible. IF you are using a dvd-rom to read then u need to get cdbremse and lock the drive to 4x cav with that, then re-do the test.