TTG01 "Made in Taiwan"

Can be it??.., has TDK factory in Taiwan?.., or these TTG01 are made for other manufacturer?

Those are made by CMC Magnetics with special TDK MID. :wink:

Thanks wesociety…, I was thinking that TDK TTG01 were made only in Japan.

FWIW I think TTG02 (8x) is made in Japan, but may also be made in Taiwan…

Nope, I have two spindles of TTG02 made in Taiwan. Looks like only the TDK Armour Plated DVD-Rs are made in Japan! :frowning:


Though, I have written some and are very good quality…But should prefer Made in Japan for sure :slight_smile:

i think TTGXX code is indeed Made In Taiwan


Why does it take this media so long to show up in the US I wonder… I also wonder why Verbatim or TDK never uses TY media in the US like they do in Europe. I guess they think us dumb Americans can’t tell the difference between quality media and cheap media.