Tsutaya to offer over 400 Blu-ray titles for download



I just posted the article Tsutaya to offer over 400 Blu-ray titles for download.

Japanese movie lovers will soon be able to download high-def movies and burn them to Blu-ray disc. Online movie rental service Tsutaya will offer more than 400 Blu-ray titles for download as of…

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Wouldn’t it be cheaper and less hassle to simply buy the movie or even the TV series? I don’t get it. The prices are outrageous especially considering what is entailed, downloading burning etc. 10 bucks for a single TV episode?!?! :eek: Are BR movies real expensive in Japan or something?


40 bucks for a movie? For $40, I can take my wife to the theater, buy popcorn, candy and drinks, and still have money left over. I can’t remember the last movie I saw that I wanted to watch twice, let alone watch it over and over after making a copy of it for $40.


LOL. Not only does the movie cost you $40, but you would have to have a Blu-Ray burner, which are like really expensive right now. (more than just a blu-ray player).

Also, Blank blu-rays aren’t cheap either, roughly $10-20 for 1 blank disc.


Well Cloverfield on BD in JP costs 4935yen at the normal retailstore. So getting it for 3675yen and buying a BD-R blank for about 500yen is still cheaper…and if you would use a DVD-RDL (max 300yen) you pay even less…with iVDR-S (external HDD for standalone recorders in jp) its even less than with DVD-R DL…and all three options use MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 for the encoding and are 1080i.


If you look it’s down to $5 for blanks