Tsstcorp ts-L632M cd/dvdw wont burn/rip after vista downgrade to xp pro



Ive been all over the internet looking for help with this and like many before me ive not been able to fix this. Ive got an hp pavillion dv9000 entertainment notebook that came with vista…and vista wasnt very good so i decided to change to xp pro and among various other issues, my cd/dvdw wont burn dvd’s or cd’s…anyway…if there is anyone out there with any advice…id sure like to hear it…


Hi and Welcome!

are there any errors reported in device manager?
Are you able to read the contents of a data, music or video disc, at least with Windows Explorer?



You might have to delete the upper and lower driver filters.


Hi Eric,
Ya, after combing thru the internet over the course of a couple of WEEKS, ya weeks!! I found lots of people with the same issue but only a few had resolved the problems. I think ive tried most all of the suggested help…removing upper and lower filters, installed new firmware, went to the manufactures web site…which is overseas…and entirely in chineese…lol …I’ve went to the hp website and found special driver section for people who downgrade to xp like i did and i downloaded every friggin driver that they had listed for my pc. While that made my computer run much better, it did nothing for my cd/dvdw drive. Turns out that HP built the pavillion around Vista and dont recommend using any other operating system on it. Ive tried nero 9 and a couple of other 3rd party burners/rippers…no help there, I have no errors on my device manager tree, however looking in the registry, i did find that the cd rom has no value assigned to it,
Now, the device DOES work, kinda…I was able to install xp and could browse the cd. I got so frusterated i decided to completely reformat my hard drive and installed xp again…no change…i can install stuff using a manufactures disk too …like my verizon wireless installation disk. But when i put a blank cd, cdr, cdrw, dvd, dvdr dvdrw or any blank disk in the drive, it just spins and slows my computer way down until i take it out. While it was in the drive, I opened MY COMPUTER and it shows the cd rom drive letter but nothing else.

I am still dealing with this so any suggestions given ill be sure to consider. Thanks to all who replied,…and if for some reason i fix this problem…ill be sure to let everyone know what worked. Thanks again…



Try this: http://support.microsoft.com/gp/cd_dvd_drive_problems

Please keep in mind, that Windows XP can’t handle blank DVD media at all. It supports blank CD media, provided the IMAPI burning service is enabled. Some software might change the default settings, and perhaps improper chipset or controller drivers could also affect the use of your optical drive.

If there is any opportunity to borrow an external drive, I’d be interested to see if there is the same issue.