TssTCorp TS-L462C, have firmware, no flash utility



my samsung notebook has a TssTCorp TS-L462C cdr/dvd combo drive. i have downloaded latest firmware, but it comes only as a BIN file. anyone know of a utility to flash the drive with the BIN file ?


this is what your looking for


excellent! thank you. it worked


Where did you find that firmware? I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 that has that drive, but Dell doesn’t even list it on their driver support page, and Samsung doesn’t support it, because it’s in a Dell.




search google for TS-L462C
many russian sites have it listed. eg


upgrades for topic-drive only issued locally for Republic Korea :slight_smile:
More info: http://www.samsungodd.com/kor/LiveUpdate/FWDownload/FWDownload.asp?product_code=&language_code=&SearchMode=TOTALSEARCH&SearchWord=TS-L462C&image1.x=33&image1.y=10