TSSTCorp TS-H552 (Toshiba-Samsung)

I’m using DVDInfoPro and I’m trying to bitset DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM but am un-sure on how to do it? I click the +RW tab, but it has bitsets for “+R,-R,+RW,-RW” and no +R DL. So my question is, do I need a different firmware (current is US06), or am I doing it wrong? I also have the trial version of DVDInfoPro and my DVD player does support read/write of DVD+R DL.

Here is a screenshot:



IF this firmware supports bitsetting, it will probably be not permanent.

You dont have to deal with RW since you want set +R DL to DVD-ROm.
So click on DVD-ROM in the upper right corner/side and then on [B]SET +R DEFAULT BOOK[/B] below.

i have the TS-H652L and it supports the bitsetting mode. i know, different burner, but just wanted to say it works. good luck.