TSSTcorp SN-S082D cannot read its own written disc



I have done my level best to find something in a search to answer this question but cannot find anything that quite matches, plus quite a few of the posts I cannot quite undrstand the information provided. Is SN-S082D same as TS-L632D, some google suggest so.

I made a dvd copy of a video on my sony gx350 standalone dvd recorder and maxell dvd-r x16. I later made a back up of this dvd because my son who watches it will destroy the disc very quickly. I made this backup using the TSSTcorp laptop drive in the subject heading on dvd-r x16 maxell copied at speed x16 and with dma if available set and copied using nero express

This backup could easily be read by my sony gx350 and my the liteon dl external pc drive that my son has borrowed off me, but it will NOT play in the drive that wrote it!!! Symptoms it hangs reading for so long I give up. The hang is definitely ONLY caused when the disc is played.

I am very newbie to all this and I’m sure I have missed something for which I appologise profucely, please forgive. I’m just surprised it wonte read AT LEAST in the drive that wrote it!!


So you have trouble reading other discs that you have burned? Are they on the same media?

My first thought would be a failing burner. Burned media is harder to read than pressed media and is the first to exhibit readability issues.