Tsstcorp sh-s223c firmware



i got this problem. My dvd writer burned with slow speed on imgburn even if the max speed is selected 8x i was getting like 1.5x speds:( , i thought maybe i could uprage my firmware and fix the problem , i went to samsung official page i downloaded the firmware and the flusher and i done everything it says in their instructions but when my pc got restarted it didnt recognised the drive:confused: i am using windows 7.
Can i fix this problem somehow?? bc i really need the writer and i dont have any money to get new one:sad:


Hi and Welcome!

the firmware update went without errors?
Also, please specify exactly what is meant with “when my pc got restarted it didnt recognised the drive”. Is the drive present in Device Manager?

To find out if the drive is alive, get a bootable CD or DVD (preferably a Linux Live CD/DVD) and see if you can boot your computer from that. You might have to change the boot order in Bios setup.



After few restarts i finaly made it to appear in my computer and device menager, ty gad :bigsmile:
But it wont read any cds , and no there were no errors in the firmware update.
Maybe you could tell me whats the best firmware for my drive so i could try again.
The drive is TssTcorpCDDVDW sh-s223c SATA , OEM Code SB, and the firware version i updated it is SB04 i think thats the latest but cant read any cds with it dont know why.
I am not much experienced in this.
Sorry for bad english and ty for the fast answers :bigsmile:


So there is no way to upgrade this drives firmware ,the drive just constantly appears and then disapears on every restart and when appears i cant read any discs, is that hardware problem or something else??
Ive tried every firmware there is on the page and nothing:a


Please double-check if all cables are properly seated and undamaged. In doubt, replace the Sata cable and see if this helps.

If there is any opportunity for you to try the drive with another computer (or using an inexpensive USB/Sata adapter), please do so.