TSSTCorp DVD+-RW TS-L632D slow burn

HI THERE ,first post ,excellent forum.
I have a dell xps m1210
2gb ram
2.16gb duel proc
running vista

when i go to burn a dvd of pictures from my hard drive useing roxio drag and drop the dvd formats ok and burns ok but burn speed is only 250k/s -600k/s
so a full dvd will take about 10 hours to burn , i am using dvd+r x16 disks
any ideas? It is nor life threatening but frustrating
any help will be appreciated

Hi, speedouk-

My name is John, and I am a customer advocate at Dell headquarters.

I suspect the drive has fallen back into PIO mode, possibly due to using scratched media in the drive. Windows will default to the slower PIO mode instead of DMA if it encounters several read errors while in DMA mode, and this tends to happen quite frequently. Check the following article for more information:


Let me know if that doesn’t solve your problems!

Dell Customer Advocate