TSSTcorp dvd burner

I just got a dell e1505 laptop and it has a TSSTcorp TS-L632D i need to know if anyone knows how to change the book type from DVD+R to DVD ROM. Thanx for everyones help.

To change the booktype, you’re gona need a program called DVD Info Pro. Which you can download here. Click on +RW and change the booktype to DVD-ROM.

I just bought a similar Dell with the same burner… is your computer locking up when you insert media like CD-R’s or DVD+R’s that are burnt or blank?

It depends on the firmware with this drive, I think. It is an TSST drive equal to the one from Toshiba…

Yes and no!

:iagree: Yes, it depends on the firmware of the drive.

No, there is no Toshiba twin of the TSSTcorp TS-L632D. :disagree:
Normally the TSSTcorp TS-L632D whould be a Toshiba SD-W4172D, but Toshiba stopped producing ODDs and never released it.

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TS-L632B not equal TS-L632D


I have all ready tryed this but it wont work it wont let me change the booktype.

Well first, put the DL disk in. Then click +RW. That should allow you to make the change. I’m assuming you’re making Xbox 360 backups… are you using Clone CD? Because if you use Nero it will default the settings you changed back to what they were, whereas, Clone CD won’t.

I have already tried that and it give me an error. the error says drive does not support bitseting i think i need to reflash the dirve anyone know where i can get a hacked firmware or a fimware that well let me change it.