TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223B won't load DVDs

Hey everyone, I’m new here so might need help if you require more information.

I recently purchased a new system…
Intel Core 2 duo CPU E7400 2.8ghz
2gb RAM

Anyway, not long after I installed windows, I just had some barebone apps installed… I was able to play and load DVDs without problems, able to play DVD movies and open DVD data discs.

After installing more programs I tried to install Orange Box, which uses DVDs. When I inserted the DVD, it did not auto run. When I tried to open My Computer to run it, My Computer half opened and then froze (Not Responding) and would not display any information or any drives.

Upon ejecting the DVD, My Computer un-froze and loads up, working correctly. This happens with DVD movies as well. When I put the DVD back in, the system goes back into this non-responding mode and I cannot get the DVDs to load up.

I thought that the possible problem was because I recently installed intervideo DVDcopy 6 or whatever, and it installed a virtual drive. That said, not long after I installed that program I was still able to run DVDs. But, I un-installed DVDcopy 6 and removed the virtual drive appropriately. No dice… it still does not work.

The CD/DVD drive loads and autoplays CDs just fine, but not dvds. I have no idea what could have caused this. All drivers seem to be installed and working correctly.

Can anyone help me out?


Hi and Welcome!

this could be a hardware failure.
Do you have a bootable DVD available?
If so, then see if you can boot your computer from that disc. You may have to change the boot order in Bios or invoke a boot menu. Windows install discs prompt for pressing a key with a rather short timeout. So watch the screen carefully.


Thanks Michael, I’ll give it a try… Would a hardware failure happen eventhough I’ve only used the writer less than 30 times? The computer is only a few weeks old.

I’ll give it a go though and get back.

Hi,[QUOTE=vitaminj;2451690] Would a hardware failure happen eventhough I’ve only used the writer less than 30 times?[/quote]such can happen with “young” hardware also.

The computer is only a few weeks old.
So you can claim your warranty. Not a bad option either. :wink:


So after doing absoutely nothing, the problem seemed to fix itself? I am now installing the Orange box! haha…

Hey Guys! i have the same problem!

does any of you mind helping me with the steps, to solve the problem? T_T

[QUOTE=shiyazuni;2481259]Hey Guys! i have the same problem!

does any of you mind helping me with the steps, to solve the problem? T_T[/QUOTE]
Without any information provided we cant help you solve anything. If your problem is the same as above I would suggest you RMA the drive likr mciahel has suggested.

owh well. im having the same model. and i do believe the problem is the same. butu the way he said that the problem resolved on its own kinda…tricky? hehe.and i cant return to the store, since, i did went to the store, and tested it again, it worked totally fine . and it’s weird it doesnt work here.

Alright folks, so here’s a possible solution for y’all. :flower:

This is what I have done to revive the all-new TSSTCorp (Samsung) CDDVDW SH-S223B SCSI Drive (as appears on Win7x64 Device Manager):

The situation: I have just inserted an [B]old[/B], [I]hard-to-read[/I] (!) DVD into the drive. After a few CRC-Check fails, the drive suddently stops responding, yeah. I urge to reflash its firmware the first time, but forget to close Nero InfoTool. (Note that the company asks to reflash twice if something goes wrong the first time.)

Beforehand steps: So I panic, close InfoTool, reboot after flash. In the BIOS I temporarily disable my 7% overclock, the PnP Mode (Off), and the IDE Mode (Off). [U]I’ve also disabled my virtual drive by now.[/U] And I reflash it again. No dice :cop: still won’t boot Windows 7 DVD, and freezes my Exploder.
I then decide to flash it backwards (SB02 to SB01 Firmware), but ponder on the “random fixing” of the drive that Vitaminj posted here. I reboot.

Seems like the real thing ([B]resolution[/B]): After the SB01 flash fails I finally decide to flash it back to the new S02, BUT I SHUT DOWN THE PC, [B]and remove the powercord for 30 secs[/B]. Plug it back, reset BIOS settings to previous + overclock, DVD boots, Win7 reads, tada.

My money on the “catch” is this turn off-PC thingy. Maybe that’s how they fix themselves. Or maybe this is a case among so many others, and may not work for everyone.

Good luck on your “Digital CPR”. Don’t push too hard :Z :bigsmile:

Yes, the plugging off worked for me as well.

I have the same model. In my case, what caused problems was some incompatible burning media. After trying to burn on this media, the dvd-wr stopped recognizing dvds and would only recognize cds.

I had this problem in the past and over time it was miraculously fixed somehow. Now I understand there must have been some power outage or something and that fixed it without me knowing.

This time I found this suggestion, turned my computer off and unplugged in for a few minutes (no resetting, flashing or installing anything). And lo and behold…

Thank you Egi-RaZoRZ :slight_smile: