when ever i insert a CD/DVD into into my samsung it just shuts down and keeps trying to restart…?

I noticed this happens after i installed original Norton Internet Utility 2011

Help needed urgently…

1Gb ram

Hi and Welcome!

Have you already tried to uninstall the Norton software and see if the problem has gone then?

You can grab a bootable CD or DVD (Linux Live discs like Ubuntu are very useful for that purpose), bott from that, and see if there is the same problem. This would then rule out Issues with your Windows installation.

Most likely, this might be a hardware issue:
Try the drive in another computer if possible.
And while you are at it, carefully check the cables.

A bad PSU could be a reason for these crashes as well btw.


Hi Michael,

Thanx for your suggestions, yes i’ve uninstalled my norton software but it still has the same problem. I did notice though that it takes a longer time to shut down as it tries to read the DVD/CD i insert before it shots down.

I took the drive to my vendor and it worked fine, they said mostlikely my processor is over heating… I will try and reduce the read speed and see if it works.

I don’t need a bootable CD as my pc works fine as long as i don’t insert and DVD/CD… I’ll inform you on my progress, Thanks again