TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S222A Problem

I bought TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S222A CD/DVD drive, but it had no driver(s) CD. The problem is now, when i insert any kind of cd/dvd, it just wont do nothing and i cant find any drivers avaible on the internet. ps: i upgraded the fimware version also to the lastest.

anyone please help??? thanks!!

edit: OP System is Windows XP Sp3

All needed drivers are automatically installed by operative system when you mount the drive on computer.

Can you explain better the problem? What burning software are you using? What discs? What operative system?

i havent burn anything yet. i needed this drive to read CD/DVD’s and write them. Usually i use Nero 5 or windows burner. Blank, richow RW cd’s or just non-rewriteable. I sayd, operative system is Windows XP Service Pack 3. Sorry for bad English.

Maybe your drive is defective ? It cant read cd or dvd, right ? Is it recognized in bios ?
And what is your motherboard ?

oops sorry I missed the information about WinXP :flower:

If the drive is not able to recognize any disc, both burned and pressed, then it can be a faulty drive as said by Lithium466.

To exclude some sort of problem in your machine, can you test the drive in a different computer?

hey again.
thank u both for the answers. i bring this drive to back shop, where i bought it. and you’re guys right - the problem is in drive, this told me another IT-guy too. If I get it back, I will write here :slight_smile:

If possible don’t buy another Samsung (or a 240 series), there are better drives… :o