My TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-224BB has started having difficulty ejecting DVD+R media and in particular Verbatim discs. I can hear the drive making a strange noise like powering on several times before finally ejecting the disc after 20-30 seconds. I can sometimes hear the same sound when a disc is inside the drive and idle. The drive does not seem to have the same problem with JVC DVD+R media. Has anyone faced a similar problem?

My 224BB works so far.

Could it be it don´t recognize the discs/content of the discs? Had those problems on a Pioneer 209D which was DOA and on dying drives which had problems to recognize discs

No, it did recognize the discs fine. But for some reason the problem has stopped lately. I wonder if there was something different with the specific discs or if the drive is really dying (which should have made the problem worse).

I have some Philips DVD+R DL 8x (CMC MAG D03) which had visible damages on the outer edge, looks like the labled surface wasn´t correct. Some drives recognize it, other drives try over 30s to recognize it and give up. Sometimes the tray don´t open in this state.

My last experiences with dying drives (some GH24NSD1, one GH24NSC0) is a worse scan-behaviour. The drives showed very high PI/PIF with different media, need more time to recognize discs and slowed down at transfer rate tests.

If your drive don´t have such problems the drive should be OK atm.

As I only use Verbatim and JVC, it shouldn’t be a media problem, but it happened all discs from a spindle to be bad.

all discs from a spindle were generally bad overall or only with the 224BB?

The discs were bad with all drives I use and not only the SH-224BB. The specific problem was only happening with the SH-224BB and not other drives.

Strange, no idea atm

My trusty TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-224BB was behaving erratically this evening (failing to burn and disappearing from Windows) and I found that its sata port was broken and was stuck inside the sata cable connecting the drive to the motherboard. I was wondering how long this drive would last, as I was using it for the last few years almost every day. I suppose it was time to replace it anyway.broken_sata_port sata_cable

Is this dust or did it burn out? Can´t remember that a SATA-connector broke without mechanical impact.

Hope you will find a good replacement for it

It did look like it was burned, but as this is a data cable, I don’t see how this is possible. And as I am always careful with cables, I don’t know how it could break. For now I will be using a TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223C.

A low current flows also on data cables. Maybe a soldering-problem caused it through the years.

Is the 223C similar to the 224BB? This is the models with so many FW-Updates, IIRC

I think I would have noticed something through the years. As far as I remember the S223C uses a Samsung chipset instead of a Mediatek one and probably this is the reason for the many firmware updates (which I believe it’s a good rather a bad thing). Similar to the 224BB in what way?

Similar at burning-quality.

I have the 223C also, but rarely used it.

Samsung-chipset? Didn´t know it exist

See above.

See above again, as I already posted some scans.

Seems similar quality to me.

What do you think?

Thank you for the info.

Your results looks good.

Saw somewhere specs from other drives of the 223-series which uses MTK-chipsets

There were discussions about how good is this drive when it was first released, but I think after seven firmware releases, it works probably as good or close as other Samsung drives.

Yep, this looks good.

To bad, Samsung decided to stop the production while they made their best drives. Wasn´t that pleased with some other older drives.

But one negative point Samsung never fixed: Noise with specific media, had this problem with 222AB/BB, 224BB/DB/FB/GB. There are some differences with the max. noise, but all are very sensitive with some media, only my newest LG GH24NSD1 are able to be equal