Tsstcorp cd dvdw ts l532u

My drive use to work perfectly, but ever since i reinstalled xp (had vista for a while) it hasnt worked very well at all, it does work, just realllly slowly.

For instance, i am installing world of warcraft right now, and in install that took my friend 15 minutes to do, has taken me 2 hours and i’m at 87%

also, battlefield 2 requires a disk in the drive in order to play, so i could rarely load past the splash screen. However i fixed this by making an image of the disk and mounting it.

Could anyone please tell me how to make my drive run fast again?

btw, i ahve a gateway laptop if that helps, idk the model number, its not ont he bottom, sinc ei bought this refurbished form tigerdirect

edit: sorry for all the typos but its late