TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L532A slow burning problems

Alright, here is my problem, until last week or so, my DVD-Burner on my laptop was working perfectly fine, and it would burn at the 8x spec it was rated for. For some reason, now, it only burns at around 2x, and I am not exactly sure what went wrong, since I am still using the same spindle of media. Also, for some reason, whenever I burn a dvd now, my graphic of my mouse cursor will freeze up and I will have to restart my computer after the burn in order to get it moving again.

Here is some more info about my problem:
Lets see, in the last couple of weeks, I installed tunebite. I am not sure if this would have caused any problems. Also, according to Nero InfoTool, I do not have a System ASPI installed, but the Nero ASPI is working just fine.

My DVD burner specs:
Model no. - TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L532A
Firmware version: T151
Region Control: RPC II

I am using some verbatim 8x DVD+R’s, the MCC 003 kind.

Any help at all would be appreciated :bow:

Thanks, pyro_dragun