TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552U Nero hangs then get a write error on Data DVD



I have a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552U with version US06 firmware. When I try to burn Data DVD’s it will just hang when it starts to burn then it ends with a write failure a few minutes later. At first I was burning then after a few coasters I started simulating the burns. I’ve played with super link enabled, DVD high compatibility mode, ultra buffer, and book type settings, and I have reinstalled. What happens is that I trying burning a data DVD, if the ultra buffer is auto then it will take a moment for the used read buffer to get to a 100, if I set ultra buffer manually to 80 MB then it jumps to 100. After it reaches a 100, the CD starts to spin (in simulation mode) then the buffer level goes to 100. It depends on different settings but then the completion bar will stop at 3-27% and then used read buffer drops to 0 then rises back to 100. Then the buffer level will drop and stay at 11%. The cd continues to spin until sometime later, depending on the speed of the cd; I will get a write error. I have used 2X, 4X, 8X, and 16X DVD media, all the same results. I had used to same drive on another computer and it burned them fine. When I use DVD decrypter or DVD Shrink, DVD’s burn fine. I tried switching over to Roxio, but the same problem occurred. I’ve been going crazy; I’ve been looking for like a week on these forums and all over the web trying to find the problem. Will someone please help me? I am also adding one of the many error logs, info tool log and a screen shot of the burning error. Hopefully this will help you guys figure out the problem, since I have no idea.
Thank you for everyone’s help.

Error Log


Screen Shot


Have you tried non-UDF compilation? ISO for example. Don’t know, maye is an error due to incoherent data supply for writing… try to make an nrg or iso image and burn that image - see if work for you.


i know this is a bit stale by now, but if you’re still having problems your dma is turned off on yo9ur 552u and some of your disk drives - these should all be turned on :iagree: :iagree: