TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552U : cannot erase OR format MOSERBAER dvd+rw



hi, i am trying to erase/format moserbaer dvd+rw,but cannot do so.i even upgraded firmware from http://www.samsung.com/support/productsupport/download/Model_Select2.aspx?type=Optical+Disc+Drive&subtype=Discontinued+ODD&model=TS-H552U&fileType=FM&LSSI=%2Finclude%2FSSI%2Fleft%2FLMenu_OpticalDiscDrive_DiscontinuedODD.sec&RSSI=%2Finclude%2FSSI%2Fright%2FRMenu_OpticalDiscDrive.sec

but it did not solve the problem.THE drive works well when writing/reading DVD+R OR DVD+RW and other CD’S of all brands. I use NERO EXPRESS.
PLEASE HELP… :flower: :flower:


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