Okay, this is what Nero Infotool displays.

I’ve already contacted eMachine (the maker of the computer) and followed all their instructions, including reseating the cords for the drive, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, flashing the drive from GA02 to GA04.

I’ve also done other things on my own which I read from other posts on this board including flashing the driver to TS08, and from other forums such as updating the System ASPI.

The problem is still not fixed. Up until I contacted eMachine with the problem, my dvd burner & reader was working fine, it only wouldn’t read & write cd-rs. Now it won’t read & write either, but the computer does recognize the drive, and it does recognize that media has been inserted as it starts spinning and there is the cd icon beside the pointer. It plays commercially produced cds.

I really need help fixing this, so PLEASE help me!

The last suggestion eMachine gave me was to do a destructive system restore to factory settings, but I didn’t really want to do that, so I started searching for solutions on my own. Then I discovered that a lot of people are having the same problem with this burner. When I told them that it seems to be a problem with the burner, they said it’s most likely with some software that I downloaded, but when the cd burner stopped working I hadn’t downloaded any software, and as I said before, the dvd burner stopped working when I followed their instructions for troubleshooting the cd burner.