Tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h552b GA4. how many PIF in cdspeed is normal for this drive

hey everyone,

i was wondering if you guys could help me out here. i have a tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h552b GA4 drive and it seems like it is not to popular on this site and i havent gotten a real answer on what type of disc quality checks in cd dvd speed is should be getting or aiming to get.
My max PIF is usually 1 with a couple spikes at 2. My Total PIF is around 900, give or take a feww hundred.

Anybody with some experience on this drive wanna help me out here?


What media are you using? The brand and mid. Also, have you tried searching the threads on 552B for scanning results posted by others.

16x dvd-r verbatim

post an image. but from what you are describing seems fine.

I have this same burner, and to let you in on a secret: EVERY TIME I have tried to burn on dvd-r discs, I get coasters.

Stupid burner is supposed to burn both, but in actuality, no.

It doesn’t matter what brand or speed either, I have tried many.
Sorry bro, get some new discs.

dvd+r always works
I use verbatim dvd+r’s (8x speed) and it always works. The discs say TDK DVD+R 8x.

dvd-r verbatim 16x seems to work fine on this drive. Well i think they are burning fine. Here is a pic of a burn with that media.

Would this be a coaster?

it’s good. for me to consider whether a burn is a coaster, it would be necessary for the quality score to be <90

That’s definite not a caster.

would it be a bad burn?

Also not a bad burn.