TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-W162C - Help needed!



Hello everybody,
I have an TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-W162C and it has always burned well (both CDs and DVDs) since some weeks ago. Now, although it burns correctly, it uses a lot more time to complete the DVDs or CDs due to an almost empty buffer. In fact the buffer continues to swing between 98-99% and 10-15%, and it’s the same if I switch the burning speed from 40x to 24x.
Also, when burning, it uses a lot more CPU than needed and this influences my internet connection (I almost can’t open google!!! :sad: ).
Can anybody help me?


oh, I forgot to say that it’s the same when I copy a CD on my hard disk: my internet connection slows down and it uses too much CPU


Hi & welcome to CD Freaks.

Sounds very much like the drive is not working in DMA mode which means that it’s in PIO mode & this uses a great deal of the cpu to process the discs.

Check out this
thread .

Don’t worry about the terminology used if you don’t understand it.


Thanks, I’ve just switched from PIO to DMA if available, but, after rebooting, still remains he same. So I read in the forum that I can uninstall the Primary IDE Channel if my OS ins’t on it and then try to reinstall the driver… but how can I know if my OS is on the Primary Channel?