Tsst tsl462d

I recently purchased an external TSL462D CD-RW/DVD-RW combo burner optical drive because I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro which has no onboard disc burner. I only purchased this external one so I could burn CDs for the car.

I have been trying to burn CD-Rs using the USB 2.0 cable that came included with the drive, but the burn operation never is able to start writing before an error message comes up. I have tried using iTunes and IMGburn but both give very vague errors and I cannot find anything exclusively related to this problem online. The drive appears to read discs fine. I cannot find what drivers or firmware are supposed to be for this product but it wasn’t supposed to need any past a certain OS (I am running Windows 8.1). If anybody has any input, I’d greatly appreciate it.

iTunes error:
“The attempt to burn a disc failed. An unknown error occurred (4300).”

IMGburn error:
“W 21:44:41 Retry Failed - Reason: Logical Unit Communication CRC Error (ULTRA-DMA/32)”

From where did you purchase this drive?

To my knowledge, the drive is only typically sold as an internal drive, so someone had to have used a USB-to-PATA bridge somewhere in there, which may be the problem.

Nevertheless, could you post the full Imgburn log?

I purchased the drive from Amazon. There was another cable that came with the product, should I try using that one (I cannot remember the details on it as it is at my weekend residence). I will post the IMGburn log when I get the chance.

Sure, when you get the chance, please do. Let us know if the other cable is any different.

Sorry for the delay. I just got the other cable and it appears to just be a AC power to USB cable, and no connection to the computer is made when I plug it in (obviously). I thought it may be different, but with the cables I’ve got the only one that allows the external drive to work is the full USB cable. However, that is the cable I have been trying which will not allow the drive to burn (it still works to read discs, however).

Does the drive/enclosure have one USB port on it, or two?

Is the USB cable a regular cable, or is it split?

the drive has only one USB port, and it is a regular USB cable.

Is there any chance you could test the drive on another computer?

i will try and report to you on the results