TSST TS-L633B Region Code removal/Region free


I’m having an TSST TS-L633B DVD RW on my Dell 1545, running on Windows Vista.

Unfortunately this DVD player is blocked in region code 1. However I hope to have this region free (do note I’m located in Europe and stuck with most of my region 2 DVD’s).

The firmware has been update to the latest available version on the Dell website (D400) (this is the link).

Also I was trying to install the latest driver from RPC1.org, however when trying to install this I got the error message that the firmware is not compatible with the selected drive.

Herewith the full information when running wininquiry:
Model name: TSSTcorpDVD±RW TS-L633B
Version: D400 (update, previously D200)
OEM Code: DE

I trust the above is providing enough information, however let me know in case something else is needed.

Thanks in advance for your support!

You can use MCSE to patch the D400 firmware and make it RPC1. Then you just need to flash the patched firmware to your drive and that should make your drive region free.

Worked like a charm!

Thanks a lot!