TSST TS-L632D Dead After Firmware Upgrade



I’m a newbie to this forum hoping to get some help. I have a Dell Inspiron 9400. I tried (unsuccessfully) updating firmware upgrade for my TSST TS-L632D using SFDFWIN. The system hung during the update and now it doesn’t recognize the drive. During the POST the laptop has a long delay before displaying a message that it can’t determine the device. I can choose to ignore the error and boot up Win XP normally. The drive’s LED is continuously on and it doesn’t eject (I can open with a paper clip). Is there any way to recover the drive or is it dead? Thanks in advance for the help.


Where did you get the firmware?



I got it from Dell’s website. I entered my service tag number to get the specific drivers for my configuration and downloaded the firmware from there. Thanks.


I would contact Dell support then as it seems their firmware may have fried your drive.



this really sounds like a dead drive then.
You might try to re-flash the firmware on plain DOS. Dell offers DOS flashers for TS-L632H, which come with their Vostro 1500 notebook series. Please do only extract the flasher and use it with the firmware (maybe an older version) for your own drive.

P.S.: If your notebook is still under warranty, then contact Dell support for advice.
Edit: Locoeng was faster with that :slight_smile:


No luck with Dell. My laptop is over a year old and well beyond the warrenty period.


[QUOTE=jf2614;2096213]No luck with Dell. My laptop is over a year old and well beyond the warrenty period.[/QUOTE]
That’s bad.
So try the DOS way. You’ll need a bootable USB flash stick for that.



I’ll give it a try, though I don’t I’ll have much luck with that. Thanks for all the help though.