TSST TS-L632B broken after firmware upgrade


so i had a drive with the firmware TM31. It’s now broken, because i updated it to TO33.

The BIOS finds the DVD-RW drive, but it the BIOS cannot access the harddisk anymore. Harddisk and DVD-RW drive are connected to the same IDE-Bus.

I’ve got the following questions:

a) Is it possible, that the drive now thinks that he’s primary master instead of primary slave? That would explain, why the harddisk cannot be accessed anymore. (the DVD-RW drive collides with the harddisk)
I mean, does it seem possible at all, that the firmware controlls the master/slave behaviour?

b) Does anybody know the difference between TO33 and TF33 ?
If i ever manage to access the drive again, do you think, that TF33 might work?

Note: the my TS-L632B is the drive of a Samsung X20 1730V laptop.

That wasn´t smart! You changed the IDE settings inside the firmware.
You will need to find TM31 (CSEL). TO33 and TF33 are inverse CSEL revisions.

I guess you´re based in Germany, right?
In this case I suggest to buy an IDE slimline adapter from Reichelt to connect your drive to a desktop PC and switch back to TM31.

Take care

Ohh no, because …

even though i will own one of those adapters very soon, i still need access to a TM31 firmware. The flashers don’t allow backup, so it seems, there’s no way of “extracting” firmware from the drive.

Or is there a way? Because here there are some people running the TM31 firmware.

In fact I do have TM31 and will take a look at MTKFlash.
If we’re having luck I’ll be able to present a bin file soon.

Thank you, evilboy!

Here are some tools too:

I don’t know, if you know all of them yet.

The moment i have my slim->IDE-adapter, i will also try to extract the firmware from my drive (which hopefully still works). I will let you know, which tool works.

Try with different mtkflash versions if possible. :wink:

Will never work. :disagree:

Ah, I’d expected that. Was just an idea.

Is it possible to “patch” TO33 to get a proper CSEL/slave firmware?

Did you try making your hard drive cable select ?(check your hard-drive how to info).
This should work.