TSST TS-L532U Flash >> dead :-(

Hi all,

I need help, I flashed TS-L532U DVDRW (Toshiba SD-R6472U) with FW from http://hijacker.rpc1.org/toshiba/index.php?path=SD-R6472U/ , flashing OK, but after reset, notebook (Asus M6A) show message : etc. “Choose correct boot device”, when I unplug DVD, then start OK, plug DVD, error … Only boot on USB flash disk, HDD not :-/ I want to flash back, but I cannot, I use v175teg.exe under DOS(Win98 usb boot disk) show message : No device detected :-/.

Anybody help me? Thanks… :bow:

OOps, could you contact [B]Hijacker[/B] please?

I added his MSN, but he is offline… :-/

Have you tried the CSEL Changer?

No, I going to test it…

Hmm, but how? I found it only windows version and I cant start windows if DVD is plug :-/

There is no DOS version! :disagree:

Use sfdndos.exe

Command to flash the drive
sfdndos filename.bin X [B]-n[/B]
The ‘-n’ at the end should make sfdndos skip checking for the right drive.

Nothing, DRIVE NOT FOUND :-/

In this case you will need to find another notebook to flash the drive

Ok, I going insert DVD into another notebook and try flash…

and thanks…

I think, that both of devices have selected MASTER mode and DVD has higher priority :-/

Don´t mess with firmware next time! :disagree:

I disconnect HDD, then sfdndos wrote: Primary master: SKIP


Problem solved… :iagree:

It was fine if you tell us why the problem is solved.

Change HDD to SLAVE mode, than boot from SLAVE device to Windows. Download SDR6472U-TU02-TR02_CSEL_Changer.exe and patched DVD. Shutdown PC and set HDD back to MASTER and DVD automatic change to SLAVE (after apply patch).

If you are experiencing the dreaded IDE #1 ERROR during boot after fitting your new drive, forget about all this flashing and updating firmware. Toshiba set up thier drive boot mode to conflict with the HDD so that you have to buy from them at rediculous prices. To change boot mode link pins 45 + 47 on the drive socket and all will be OK, I’ve done it as have others and it worked. :wink:

It’s not that easy as you might think.

Eh, did you mean “ridiculous”??
At least Toshiba provides you with solutions, others even care about that. Keep that in mind before judging that quickly. :bigsmile:


The CSEL-Changer!