TSST TS-L462D Slim Drive and 16X DVD media



I want to know if anyone else has experienced problems with a TSST TS-L462D slim drive reading 16X DVD+R media? I am currently experiencing problems restoring several Dell M6300 laptops with a restore image that was burned using 16X DVD+R media. This is a basic Windows XP Pro SP3 restoration with several other applications included. The image spans across 2 DVD’s. Sometimes the image restores great, other times it won’t boot at all from the first disk, and other times it will fail part way through the second disk. It seems to me to be a hardware failure as opposed to a media failure due to the image working sometimes and not working at other times. Anyone have any idea what the possible problem may be?


One habit that everyone should do on important media is to do a quality scan of the disc to see if there are any bad PIF spikes, its also good to do a transfer rate test to make sure there is a smooth line when the drive reads the data.

You can try and find a free version of Nero CD Speed, or try the newer version ($$) “Opti drive Control”. The TSST drives are not officially supported but there is a registry hack to make it work.

Here is a link to the free version Link